About Psychotherapy

In this clinic – in support of our whole-person, patient-centered, biopsychosocial and evidence-based approach – it is expected that medication management clients are either currently in psychotherapy treatment or are willing to engage in psychotherapy.  Collaboration is also valued highly in this clinic, thus we also request that you sign a waiver so the doctor may consult with your other providers and coordinate care.

Psychotherapy is most successful when there is a mutual rapport.  If therapy is part of the treatment plan, the physician will suggest referrals and help you find the right fit.

Psychotherapy is a joint effort.  Progress depends on many factors, including motivation, effort and life circumstance.  The length of the treatment varies and depends on the nature of the problems.  While the course of therapy is designed to be helpful, it is common to go through phases that feel difficult or uncomfortable.  Regular attendance is an important component of effective treatment.